The 3-Month Feminine RECLAMATION + Leadership Program for THE REBEL-HEARTED WOMAN IN BUSINESS


The deep, dark, and holy feminine archetype is ancient.

She's your most EMPOWERED feminine self.

She's your inner High Priestess. She's your inner wild, untamed, wise woman...

And she wants something deeper, richer, and truer for you in the way that you lead your business and your life.








My most empowered feminine leadership comes from my deep, dark, and holy feminine energy.

Everything changed in my business and in my leadership when I began to let HER lead me.

Because SHE'S the one who starts holy revolutions with the energy that she holds.

SHE'S the one who facilitates powerful healings for my clients.

SHE'S the one who speaks the deepest truths and writes the rawest revelations that changes lives forever.

SHE'S the one who can hold, generate, and receive extraordinary things.

She's a savage.

A powerful feminine leader.

A High Priestess.

An empowered woman who is destined to leave a legacy through her sacred work on this planet.

Inside every woman is a Violet.

She's here to bring the priestess back into your practice as a soul-led business owner -

Because right now, the world is STARVING for the richness of the EMPOWERED feminine in leadership - for the ancient wisdom of the deep, dark, holy feminine soul.

VIOLET is here to bring the deep, dark, and holy feminine back into leadership.

For her depth.

For her substance.

For her wisdom.

For her potency.

For her courage.

She came to me in a healing ceremony a few years ago, naked and dripping with divine confidence and sovereignty.

Little did I know at the time, meeting her would be the key to my healing from years of chronic Lyme disease, the reclamation of my aliveness and sensuality, the birth of my soul-led business, and the activation of my most powerful feminine magnetism, wisdom, depth, and leadership.

She had wisdom in her soul and love in her eyes. A fire burned behind her; illuminating her. She was beautiful.

With one hand, she held a pulsating, natural, electric energy, charged with power, that coursed up her arm and through her veins and into her heart. She glowed.

With her other hand, she gave me a red rose. She told me that her name is Violet and that she is me without my fear. Without my programming. She gave me a mirror and let me see for myself.

I saw that she is my light and my dark, fully integrated, merged into love.

She is a healer and a lover and a rebel and an alchemist and a sage and her magic is ancient and infinite and creative and new all at once.

She is regenerative. She has the gift of transformation. She transforms herself and all who know her.

She is passionate and fearless and strong as hell.

She is powerful and holy and unholy and sacred and her love is pure and raw and unending.

She is my safety when I choose to explore my dark, she is my guide when I’m ready to return to my light, and she is the alchemist that merges the two and births something otherworldly and beautiful from their integration.

She is my fiery desire to throw myself into all of aliveness and to touch the depths of truth and beauty and pain and love when they show up, to rise from the ashes again and again, to create art, to create something beautiful. Epic, even. Explosive. Wild. True.

The power of Violet changed my entire life.

She's the one who changed the way that I lead.

She's the one who healed me from years of chronic illness and disempowerment.

She's the one who set fire to any illusions that I had of myself that were not rooted in truth.

She's the one who created my soul-led, body-guided, wisdom-based business that sets my soul on fire and heals the world.

Violet is the one who wrote and published my book.

She has been in me my whole life. Violet is the truest version of me, underneath it all.

My True Power As A Woman, As A Leader, As A Coach, And As A Healer Was Born On The Night That I Met Violet.


But I couldn’t birth it into the world until it was time.

Now, it’s time. Big time.

It’s time for the new paradigm of EMPOWERED feminine leadership to rise with ferocity - the era of leadership from the deep, dark, and holy feminine.

The era of embodied women in business who are wholly rooted in their instincts and ancient feminine knowing -

Where we honor our bodies and our boundaries.

Where we only launch offers that mean everything to us and are rich with wisdom that we would get on our knees for.

Where we only create offers and containers that are holy.

Where we only speak the truth.

Where we receive massive abundance, turn on, and fulfillment in return for doing our soul's work.

Where the women who are the liberators are the leaders.

SHE sets the tone and everyone else follows.

SHE does not copy.

SHE is deep.

SHE attracts the right people and repels the wrong ones.

Her essence is potent.

Her magnetism is powerful.

In every post, she sparks a goddamn revolution.

And, she does not have to try to "do" any of this - because it's who she is.

She is the deep, dark, and holy feminine embodied.

VIOLET is here to connect you to the empowering. ancient, and wild truth of who you are as an embodied feminine leader...

And to the depth, impact, and magic that you are meant for in your business.

Deep down, you know that you were made to taste what you’ve always been hungry for - 

Energetic turn-on and reverence for the women who are magnetized to your energy and want to work with you.

A soul-deep connection to the work that you’re doing in the world.

A unique presence that is so potent it turns heads and opens hearts wherever you go.

A powerful style of writing and sharing your message that takes people out of their minds and straight into their bodies.

A CEO voice so compelling and authentic that it commands a revolution in between each breath.

Effortless invitations in the form of offers born from the depths of your most potent and valuable wisdom that result in more abundance than you ever could’ve imagined for your business.

Career wins that feel like sex.

A creative process that feels like romance.

Launches that feel like poetry.

A deep sense of grounded regalness and divine authority that emanates from within you and sets the tone for you.

And an energy about you that feels ancient, seductive, and wise.

People know that you're a force to be reckoned with before you ever open your mouth.

All of this is possible and more with your deep, dark, and holy feminine awakened, leading the way, and ALL THE WAY TURNED ON.

Module 1: Pre-Party Call - The Alter Ego Awakening

Module 2: Diving Into Feminine Depth, Essence + Identity

Module 3: Reclaiming Feminine Instinct, Desire + Sexuality

Module 4: Alchemizing Pain Into Purpose, Power + Passion - OFFER CREATION

Module 5: Sacred Boundaries in Biz, Rebellion + Truth-Telling

Module 6: Resurrecting Your Bad Girl + Letting Her Lead

Module 7: Sacred Shadows, Feminine Hunger + Divine Gifts

Module 8: Death, The Mystery + Rebirth

Module 9: Sacred Authority, Writing Like You Mean It + The Holy Invitation

Module 10: Birthing Your Next-Level Offer

Module 11: Q + A

Module 12: Closing Call - Transformational Breathwork Ceremony



Let me paint the sexy picture of what's possible for you after your 3 months with me inside of this transformational, life-changing program:

You know exactly who you are. You are embodying THE most powerful version of yourself. There is no doubt in your mind or anyone else’s mind about the epic feminine legend that you are and the legacy that you came here to breathe life into.

Your deep, dark, holy feminine holds you, guides you, and strengthens you in your business as you rise in your leadership.

The genius of your deep, dark, and holy feminine is alive and active in your business. In your leadership, you act purely on HER instinct and bone-deep wisdom - and it feels damn good.

You’ve alchemized pain into purpose, power, and passion through the vessel of your business, and it’s changing the freaking world with each and every offer that you create and every client session that you hold.

Your past shadows are now your most POTENT and extraordinary superpowers as a coach, healer, and leader. They’ve shaped you into the powerful woman who you always knew you came here to be.

Your inner genius, savage, feminine legend - SHE’S the one running your business now - and she makes CEO-level moves that make your “nice girl” blush...and result in a level of abundance, fulfillment, turn on, and personal power beyond your wildest dreams.

Your offers are what you’d truly get on your knees for. You believe in them with everything that you have. You’ve wholly EMBODIED them. You live them. You breathe them. You are them - so they sell with ease.

Your branding and marketing are effortless expressions of the divinity and sacred authority that you hold. Your branding and marketing feel like messages from the divine to your audience - it’s intoxicating, enchanting, and irresistible.

Your deep, dark, and holy feminine holds your boundaries now with a ferocity that not only turns you on, but it turns on your audience and activates their power, too.

The way that you speak about your offers leads your audience into their own liberated, empowered, holy “YES.”

Your words, your posts, your creations…they are channeled by a force more powerful than your logical mind. They are written by HER. Your inner Violet. What you put out there from that space is what sets you apart and what makes you a feminine legend.

You do not run out of creative steam anymore. Your business is running purely on the energy of soul, which is limitless, infinite, and undeniable.

You honor your body’s wisdom above all else. Your body is now your most respected messenger.

Your business not only sets your soul on fire on the daily now…but it heals and liberates all of the women who your message reaches. Your message goes beyond you.

You act and make investments based on instinct and desire - not need. You don’t need anything. You’re the deep, dark, and holy feminine - you are sovereign and a force to be reckoned with.

There is a presence about you that is undeniably powerful, wise, and magnetic.

Your voice turns heads, your energy cracks codes, and your wisdom rocks worlds. Truly, madly, deeply.

You are the living embodiment of what it looks like to be a woman in business who is deeply and powerfully feminine - in ALL of her forms - you’re led by soul, guided by body, and deeply rooted in your worth, power, truth, and sacred wisdom.

"Megan is amazing."

"After finding Megan and starting to work with her, I've been more confident in my body, in my voice, and in my message - I took massive leaps in my business through how I've been showing up online and in the clients that I've been attracting."

-Lauren H.

"Megan is embodied."

“Megan has forever changed my perspective on what it means and looks like to be an embodied woman in business who honors her instincts, body, and feminine energy.”


"Best coach ever! "

"You empowered and guided us with such grace. I loved the raw and beautiful space you held for us to be so authentic and open - you made such an easy and flowing connection with all of us in just one hour every week and were always there to remind us of how powerful we truly are. "

-Estrella A.

"Megan is magic"

"From our first session, Megan met me with such support, empathy, and understanding that I immediately knew I had someone on my team. Megan’s magic comes alive in her personalized care - from her detailed explanation of her healing practices to her post-session emails filled with supportive messages."

-Gracie G.

"Simply incredible."

"I’ve done breathwork before but today was by far the most intense session I’ve ever had. You are amazing - thank you for being my guide. It felt like a bigger force was at play. I could not have done this without you!"

-Fernanda A.


Hi! I’m Megan. I'm a Women's Business + Leadership Coach for ambitious, rebel-hearted women and entrepreneurs, the author of "Strange and Unusual Creatures", and the founder of Her Alchemy.

Her Alchemy provides transformational experiences for female business owners and leaders through next-level coaching programs, high-touch mentorship, and unforgettable workshops that embolden you to step into your most powerful voice and presence, transform your shadows into superpowers, deepen your feminine leadership, and expand your soul's mission into a global movement.

I began my career as a freelance writer and Holistic Wellness Coach specializing in breathwork and meditation. I received my certification in Holistic Wellness Coaching through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, my certification as a Breathwork Facilitator through Revelation Breathwork, my certification as a Meditation Instructor through Anchor Meditation, and my certification as a Somatic Therapist through The Embody Lab. In 2020, my book was published. “Strange and Unusual Creatures” is about the journey I went on to heal from years of Lyme disease and chronic illness.

In my business as a Women's Business + Leadership Coach, I go deep with my clients so that they can rise high. I utilize a wide array of tools in my practice such as somatic work, embodiment, Emotional Freedom Technique, and breathwork along with my unique style of transformational coaching and mentorship.

Xo, megan