With Megan Claire Hatfield

Come back to the source of all things vibrant, rich, true, and alive.

Forget what you think you know.

Become infatuated your own unique genius.

Make wild leaps in your business.

Become fully alive and turned on by the woman you’re being, the life that you’re living, and the movement that you’re leading.

Embody the boldest and deepest expression of your feminine leadership.

Lead a life and business that sets your soul on fire.


Welcome to Source:
The 6-Month Mastermind for Rebel-Hearted Entrepreneurs + Soul-Led Women in Business.

Powerful, rebellious, brilliant woman:

Rising in your leadership and reaching a state of revolutionary expansion in your business is truly no longer about strategy.

It’s about YOU - the woman behind the business.⁣

It’s about how alive and magnetic you feel.

It’s about your artistry, intuition, curiosity, and depth of wisdom.⁣
It’s about how bold and brave you’re being.

It's about your receivership, confidence, and unshakeable belief.⁣

It's about how creative and connected you're feeling.

It’s about getting comfortable with breaking the rules,⁣

Radical, honest, wild self-expression,⁣

Being courageous enough to feel your feelings and work through your shit,⁣

Trusting the lows as much as you trust the highs,

Showing up in bigger, truer ways in your business,⁣

And healing the planet with your gifts by way of your own embodiment, your TURN ON, and your soul-deep devotion to this extraordinary path of soul-led entrepreneurship.

This is exactly what The Source Mastermind was made for.

Source is the soul-on-fire mastermind that you’ve been waiting for, babe.

When you are plugged into the source of all things rich and alive,
Your business becomes rich and alive.

When your life feels juicy and exciting,
Your business becomes juicy and exciting

When you feel limitless and magnetic,
Your business becomes limitless and magnetic.


At this point in your business, you don’t need the next best strategy - your mind is already outrageously powerful.

You’re incredibly capable and intelligent. You were born to lead. You know how to do this.

But to exponentially grow your business beyond your wildest dreams -

For your self-expression to explode and for your movement to spark a heart-led revolution -

To expand in your feminine leadership in a way that makes your soul sing -

What you need is an abundance of LIFE-FORCE ENERGY.

An abundance of EROS.


Enter: The Source Mastermind.

Source is the one-of-a-kind mastermind for rebel-hearted entrepreneurs and powerful women just like you -

The Source Mastermind is here to revolutionize the way that rebellious, soul-led women lead their businesses, rise in their leadership, and become wildly wealthy in their own unique, authentic, RADICALLY ALIVE way.













🜁 Biweekly 90-Minute Group Coaching Calls
(Value = $10k)

🜁 Monthly 1:1 Private Coaching Calls
(Value = $7k)

🜁 Bimonthly Breathwork/Embodiment Ceremonies
(Value = $3k)

🜁 Unlimited Group Voxer Coaching/Rolling Voxer Chat
(Value = $4k)

🜁 Access to Her Alchemy Product Suite
(Value = $8k)

🜁 Private Community of Powerful Women/Soul-Led Entrepreneurs
(Value = Priceless)


$32,000 +


$8k in full or $1,500/mo. for 6 mo.




OR 6 MONTHLY payments of $1,500

I created The Source Mastermind after noticing an important gap in our industry -

The Aliveness Gap.

Our industry is abundant with mentorship containers that will satisfy your mind, but not the animal of your body - which is where all of your power lives, wild woman.

If you’ve been in mentorship containers that left you feeling prepared and informed, but energetically stuck and blocked - or worst of all, disconnected and bored -

You know now that for women like us, business is meant to feel alive, creative, inspiring, exciting, meaningful, expansive, and magical.

For women like us, when we are plugged into our turn on and sourced with the energy of vitality and eros, MAGIC happens in our businesses.

That's when you become the most embodied in your leadership and will see the wildest growth in your business -

When you are plugged into the source of all things rich and alive.

In my coaching business, the approach that I use with my clients is simple but powerful in its results:


This framework elicits more results than any strategy ever could -

Because as a feminine leader and business owner who is here to do extraordinary things, your body must feel ALIVE - balanced nervous system, nourished life-force energy, turned on and embodied - in order to inspire the WOMAN behind the business.

And the WOMAN - your feminine energy, your creativity, your heart, your eros, your inner and outer radiance - must feel EXPRESSED and FREE in order to fuel your business.⁣

And from these states of being - nourished body + fully alive, expressed, free woman…

Your business goes quantum. Naturally.⁣

This is the new paradigm of feminine leadership for rebellious, soul-led women who know in their bones that they are here to lead a business and movement that changes the world.

Source is the business and leadership mastermind that will ignite your soul, nourish the life-force of your body, inspire your turn on, amplify your expression, and skyrocket the growth and expansion of your business.

Some of our topics in Source will include...

Love, sex, relationships, and TURN ON.

Feminine magnetism, life-force energy, and eros.

Feminine leadership, rebellious entrepreneurship, AND electric inspiration.

Irresistible offer creation, leading a soul-led business, BUSINESS ENERGETICS, and magnetic marketing.

Wealth and abundance energetics, IDENTITY WORK, worthiness, money healing, and feminine sales.

Feminine magic, embodiment, and emotional alchemy.

Every week, you’ll be plugged into the Source of all things rich and alive.
Every week, you’ll be plugged into the lush landscape of your embodied feminine.
Every week, you’ll be plugged into the energy that will work miracles in your business.

This is business taught in a way that you've never experienced before.

This is woman first, business second.

"Megan gets to the root cause."

"Megan is so present and intentional with her work, and her level of support is truly above and beyond. Megan helps you on such a deeper level than strategy - the energetics helped me so much more tangibly than other containers I've been a part of in the past. Megan really gets to the energetic root cause of whatever is going on and she helps you heal it so that you can grow. Don't think twice if you are considering working with Megan - it is truly a no brainer for your life and business!"


"I received my money's worth on day one - the rest was just bonus magic."

"Megan is an absolute DREAM to work with. I’ve never felt so seen and so accepted before in my life. She offers a perfect blend of brilliant and intuitive business guidance, high-touch emotional and whole person support, and the powerful, juicy invocation of YOUR own innate feminine power. She will call you forward into your truest self and fiercely love every part of you along the way. I just love being held by her, and the women Megan attracts into her space are incredible."


"Megan is amazing."

"After finding Megan and starting to work with her, I've been more confident in my body, in my voice, and in my message - I took massive leaps in my business through how I've been showing up online and in the clients that I've been attracting."

-Lauren H.

"Megan is fire. Passion. Depth. Feminine Wisdom.

"Megan doesn't just talk the talk, she walks the walk. She EMBODIES all she teaches and transmits through her powerful offerings. Megan's containers are rich and deep - she holds space like nobody's business. If you are considering working with Megan, my wholehearted suggestion is DO IT. It might just be the best decision you've ever made."


"Megan is embodied."

“Megan has forever changed my perspective on what it means and looks like to be an embodied woman in business who honors her instincts, body, and feminine energy.”


"Megan is the best coach ever."

"You empowered and guided us with such grace. I loved the raw and beautiful space you held for us to be so authentic and open - you made such an easy and flowing connection with all of us in just one hour every week and were always there to remind us of how powerful we truly are. "

-Estrella A.

"Megan is magic."

"From our first session, Megan met me with such support, empathy, and understanding that I immediately knew I had someone on my team. Megan’s magic comes alive in her personalized care - from her detailed explanation of her healing practices to her post-session emails filled with supportive messages."

-Gracie G.

"Megan is incredible."

"I’ve done breathwork before but today was by far the most intense session I’ve ever had. You are amazing - thank you for being my guide. It felt like a bigger force was at play. I could not have done this without you!"

-Fernanda A.


Source is a business and leadership mastermind that is focused on breathing life into the woman behind the business.

Source is a business and leadership mastermind where soul-led, heart-on-fire, feminine leaders come to be in their fullest and most radical aliveness as they rise in their businesses.

We're about energetics.


Turn on.


Feminine MAGIC.

Doing business and life in a way that is unique to us.

Becoming wildly wealthy through the power of our presence, the purity of our hearts, the wisdom of our souls, and the impact of our energy.

Source will expand you into the highest, fullest, and sexiest expression of your womanhood so that your business can expand into its highest, fullest, and sexiest expression, too.

Join The Source Mastermind for the soul-deep sisterhood AND the quantum growth.

For the witchy rituals we'll do AND the soul-igniting business mentorship.

For the lingerie parties we'll have AND the transformational inner work that heals lineages and shifts timelines.

For the cacao ceremonies AND the massive money breakthroughs.

For the ecstatic dancing AND the leadership milestones.

For the friendship and connection AND for the epic coaching you'll get on all things feminine leadership, rebellious entrepreneurship, feminine sales, magnetic marketing and messaging, and irresistible offer creation.

For the emotional and spiritual breakthroughs AND for the business trainings that will set your soul on fire.

For the celebrations in love AND the celebrations in business.

For the turn on AND the depth of mentorship.

For the stepping into your most powerful voice in your life AND the stepping into your most powerful voice in your leadership.

Source is all about erotic leadership - leading with eros, leading with life-force energy, leading with the innate magnetism of your feminine energy, heart, and wild soul.

In Source, the momentum in your business will accelerate, your feminine magnetism will multiply, your unique expression will evolve and blossom, and your growth will go quantum.

Source is where your business grows and expands beyond your wildest dreams - because in Source, YOU are expanded beyond your wildest dreams.


Powerful woman,

You’re here for an extraordinary, rich, fully alive life AND business.

On your way to 7 figures and beyond, you want:

Next-level, soul-deep support around you - cheering you on, inspiring and speaking to the depths of your heart, calling your boldest and most powerful self to the table, and elevating your energy every step of the way.

You want your business to feel like liquid gold -

To have an epic life-force of its own that leads you into the fullest and greatest expression of your energy in this lifetime.
To have a brand that grows with you and feels like art.
For your business to feel as exciting and enriching as sex - as falling in love.
To make you rich through the potency of your wisdom and the impact of your energy⁣.
To be the way that you heal and elevate the world with your own unique magic.

AND - you want your body to feel open, alive, and ignited as you lead.
You want your energy, inner world, and beliefs to be in unshakeable alignment with the biggest, truest, and wildest vision of your soul.

You want your channel to be clear, expanded, and connected to Source as you create.

You want to feel inspired, lit up, fully alive, and turned on.

You want your nervous system to be balanced and coherent as you lead your business and expand your empire.

You want your life and business to feel like your greatest masterpiece.

You want the mentorship that you receive on this path to be soul-igniting, life-changing, potent, vitalizing, and wildly transformational.

In saying "YES" to Source, you're saying "YES" to all of this and more. You get to (and are meant to) have it all.

Source is all about you, becoming fully alive - in your life, in your leadership, and in your business - feeling, receiving, creating, having, and LOVING it all.



I’m here to support you to live out your wildest dreams in your business with the most beauty and depth possible⁣.

To lift your energy, add rocket fuel to your growth, the fulfillment of your vision, and your wild expansion⁣.

To remind you of who TF you are, your natural genius, the excellence that you’re capable of, the abundance that you're meant to experience, and the magic that you were born for when you’re needing to step back into your power.

To help you master your next level of energetics and embodiment so that you can rise into your fullest and most powerful embodiment in this lifetime - into the woman you were born to be⁣.

To expand your nervous system’s capacity to receive, have, and create extraordinary things as you lead your business and grow your empire.

To help you alchemize your wisdom into gold and lead a life and business that sets your soul on fire⁣.

To help you create fun, sexy, deep, irresistible offers in your business that doubles your income and your impact.

To align you with your highest and boldest expression.

To lovingly show you your blind spots and hold your highest vision for you while also helping you create your own unique map to get there⁣.

To hold you in your deepening and celebrating you in your rising⁣.
⁣⁣ ⁣

With my clients, I’m their mentor, their coach, and their business BFF⁣ -

Their leadership muse, their business artist, their depth doula⁣ -

Their spiritual guide and their soul sister⁣.
I'm more than just a coach for entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders⁣.

This is about doing business and life together because our souls were meant to walk together -⁣

Because we have powerful extraordinary magic to activate in each other.⁣

May SOURCE mark the beginning of the most magical, extraordinary chapter of your business and life, babe.


1. How long is this mastermind?

6 sexy months, baby!

2. When are the call times?

I'll make sure that our call times support every woman in our group. I'll release what will be our regular call times/dates once I have the women in the program all together and know everyone’s timezones.

3. How much access will I have to you?

SO MUCH! Aside from my private coaching, this is my highest level container with an incredible amount of intimacy - you're getting biweekly 90-minute group coaching calls, monthly private 1:1 coaching calls with me, rolling Voxer chat, etc.

4. How committed should I be?

100%. You're entering a sacred container where once you’re in, you’re in for 6 months with us. This is not a membership, so when we begin, you’re committing to 6 months of The Source Mastermind. If you sign up with a payment plan, all 6 monthly payments are required.

5. How big is this mastermind?

12 is my maximum for special groups like this one - Source is my inner circle of next-level women who are here to lead revolutionary, soul-led, paradigm-shifting businesses while supporting each other and lifting each other up every step of the way. This is a POWERFUL sisterhood. Together, we'll work miracles.


HEY!⁣ I love that you found me and that you're here.⁣ Yay. My heart is full.
I’m Megan - Women’s Leadership + Intimacy Mentor for soul-led business owners, rebel-hearted entrepreneurs, coaches & leaders, the author of "Strange and Unusual Creatures" & the founder of my business, Her Alchemy.⁣⁣
I help powerful women with giant desires create the business and the love that they want through high-touch 1:1 mentorship, group coaching programs, and transformational events and workshops.⁣⁣
My expertise is in feminine leadership + online business, energetics + embodiment, transformation + alchemy, and helping women cultivate wildly fulfilling soul-deep relationships.⁣⁣
Before Her Alchemy, I was a freelance writer in the areas of spirituality + sexuality and a Holistic Wellness Coach specializing in breathwork, meditation, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).⁣⁣
I received my training and certification in coaching through IIN in 2018, my training and certification in breathwork facilitation through Revelation Breathwork in 2019, and my training and certification in guided embodiment and somatic work through The Embody Lab in 2021.⁣⁣
“Strange and Unusual Creatures” is my book about the journey I went on to heal from years of chronic illness. It’s a raw, honest & inspiring account of love, hope, healing, rebirth & liberation.⁣⁣
In my coaching and mentorship business, I go deep with my clients so that they can rise high - in life, in business & in love.⁣⁣

Xo, megan