Go deeper to rise higher.


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Tell me if this sounds familiar, beauty...

The day begins.

You open your eyes. Right away, you notice a background feeling of anxiety in your mind and discomfort in your body.

Something in you immediately goes, “Nope! That’s not how we’re going to feel today. Push it down.”

You push the feeling away, and frankly, you’re annoyed that it was there in the first place - the day hasn’t even begun yet.

You roll out of bed, and without checking in with your body first, you dive into your routine. You've got things to do and places to be.

Coffee, workout, shower. Get to work. You go through the motions, step by step.

But throughout the day, something doesn’t feel quite right.

You can’t put your finger on it...but you know that there MUST BE MORE TO LIFE THAN THIS. In fact, you're sure of it...because you've felt it before.

Go deeper to rise higher.

The day begins, and you wake up feeling rested. Calm. Centered. Completely connected.

You glide your hands from the sheets beneath you to the center of your chest to check in with yourself.

You notice the softness of your curves and the warmth of the blood beneath your skin.

Your heartbeat lets you know that today, you are alive. Already, you're in total gratitude.

You inhale, feeling into all of your corners with curiosity, openness, and love.

You notice a pang in your heart…

And with complete trust, you choose to breathe even deeper.

Directly into the ouch, you drop in even more.

You let yourself feel it, you listen to what it might want to tell you, you pour your love into it...

And you exhale. The pang lifts.

What comes next is a wave of pleasure and space - a grand opening of your heart.

You feel love. You feel safe. You feel the divine in your body. You feel grounded, dropped in, and magnetic.

You wiggle your toes and stretch your arms out from side to side as a smile stretches across your face.

You feel ready to begin your day with your full presence, intentionality, and energy...all because you let yourself go deep.

As your day goes on, things come up - things that feel good and things that feel not-so-good. This is normal. This is what it means to be human. don’t resist any of it now.

You flow with it. You move with it. You breathe with it.

If pain comes up, you let yourself cry - and the release feels like ecstasy.

If conflict comes up, you acknowledge it and ask for the deep conversation. You speak your truth, you receive another's truth, and then reach a brand new level of intimacy and love.

When joy comes up, you fully feel every inch of your happiness...without the fear of the contrast.

You are in the moment. You soak in every ounce of your pleasure, and you rise from any pain. You live your life fully embodied.

You are so in touch with yourself that you get intuitive hits all day long that lead you into magic and miracles.

You notice beauty everywhere you go.

You deeply trust life because you deeply trust yourself.

You go deep, and you rise high - unafraid, resourced, alive, and free.

This is not a dream. I know this way of living is possible because it's how I choose to live my life every day.

But lately, you’ve felt like you've been living life from the neck up - and it has left you feeling unsatisfied, disconnected, and aching for more.

Now...imagine this:


In fact, depth used to scare the bejeezus out of me…

Because living life on the surface is what felt safe.

Consequently, I used to do anything I could to not feel.⁣

⁣As a girl, I learned that feeling things was actually dangerous.⁣

So I numbed. Disassociated. Disconnected. And I got as small and as quiet as I could.

I was trained to believe that feeling things led to boys calling me “crazy.”⁣

Feeling things = possible pain and disappointment.

Feeling things = friends telling me to “just get over it.”⁣

I knew that feeling things could mean radiant joy at times, but it could also mean darkness.⁣ Heartbreak.⁣ Anxiety.⁣ Gut-wrenching loneliness.⁣ Eek!⁣

So, as someone who naturally feels things deeply and somatically, I did absolutely anything I could to get out of my body to avoid feeling.⁣

⁣But - all of that was before I learned that my ability to go deep and fully feel the highs and the lows of the human experience was my greatest gift...

That it would later on be the key to my healing from 4+ years of chronic illness.⁣..

That it would be the sole reason I was able to rise from my darkest nights.⁣..

That it was how I reconnected with my magic and realized my purpose in life.⁣..

Or that it would be the single most powerful catalyst for my spiritual awakening.⁣..

That it would be why I was able to fall so deeply in love.⁣..

That it would inspire me to write my first book.⁣..

That it would give me the ability to move people with my words and authentic self-expression.⁣..

That it would give me the beautiful superpowers of extraordinary depth, empathy, and wisdom.⁣..

Here's the truth: I didn’t always live deeply.

And that it would make my life feel like pure magic.


Thanks to what I learned in my healing journey, I am no longer half-alive, trying to walk around with my heart closed for safety.⁣⁣

I feel it ALL - the good, the bad, the sacred, the messy - and I understand how to hold it all in a way that actually feels safe.⁣ Pleasurable. Alive. Free.

I consciously choose to go deep because I learned through experience that depth is exactly what makes life feel rich with meaning, love, and beauty.

Now, I have never felt more integrated.⁣

More on purpose.⁣

⁣More connected.⁣

More fulfilled.



I wouldn’t have it any other way.⁣

And more than anything, my love - I desire the same for you, too.

Is this you, boo?

✔ You've been avoiding depth and intimacy with yourself and/or with another because of fear and you want to shift that pattern

✔ You want to feel more alive, present, and grounded

✔ You want to feel like you deeply trust yourself again

✔ You feel disconnected from your body and your truth and you want to reconnect with your body, heart, and wild soul in a deep and lasting way

✔ You've been feeling "blah" and have been missing the magic in life lately

✔ You no longer want to feel limited by your emotional experience and highs and lows⁣

✔ You're craving emotional nourishment, authenticity, personal empowerment, and liberation

If so, you're in the perfect place.

Deeper was made you, love.

In Deeper, you will...

☾ Learn how to be deeply intimate with yourself and feel connected to your magic⁣ through connecting to your body

☾ Learn how to go deeper in your relationships and feel safe in being seen for who you truly are⁣

☾ Rise into your power as a deep feeler and wise woman

☾ Reclaim your emotional energy and sovereignty

☾ Know how to use embodiment to anchor into a calm sense of inner knowingness and groundedness while moving through life’s ups and downs⁣

☾ Go deep into your emotions with full trust so that you can process and move through them with less resistance and more grace⁣⁣

☾ Pleasurably feel into your joy, gratitude, and love without feeling the fear of the contrast

☾ Integrate your light/dark aspects and see them both as divine sources of your most potent magic, love, and healing






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HEY!⁣ I love that you found me and that you're here.⁣ Yay. My heart is full.
I’m Megan - Women’s Leadership + Intimacy Mentor for soul-led business owners, rebel-hearted entrepreneurs, coaches & leaders, the author of "Strange and Unusual Creatures" & the founder of my business, Her Alchemy.⁣⁣
I help powerful women with giant desires create the business and the love that they want through high-touch 1:1 mentorship, group coaching programs, and transformational events and workshops.⁣⁣
My expertise is in feminine leadership + online business, energetics + embodiment, transformation + alchemy, and helping women cultivate wildly fulfilling soul-deep relationships.⁣⁣
Before Her Alchemy, I was a freelance writer in the areas of spirituality + sexuality and a Holistic Wellness Coach specializing in breathwork, meditation, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).⁣⁣
I received my training and certification in coaching through IIN in 2018, my training and certification in breathwork facilitation through Revelation Breathwork in 2019, and my training and certification in guided embodiment and somatic work through The Embody Lab in 2021.⁣⁣
“Strange and Unusual Creatures” is my book about the journey I went on to heal from years of chronic illness. It’s a raw, honest & inspiring account of love, hope, healing, rebirth & liberation.⁣⁣
In my coaching and mentorship business, I go deep with my clients so that they can rise high - in life, in business & in love.⁣⁣

Xo, megan