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...for the rebel-hearted woman with unrealistic dreams and unreasonable desires.



I'm an alchemist, a healer, a coach, a mentor, a writer, an author, a poet, a guide, and mystic...

I'm many things.

But what's even more important than what I identify as is WHO I'M HERE FOR.

I'm here to serve the PHOENIXES.
The rebels.
The artists.
The mystics and misfits.
The spiritual entrepreneurs and soul-led business owners.
The coaches and the creatives.
The feminine leaders.

"Working with Megan and joining her mastermind was the best decision I've ever made for my life and business."




CHAPTER 1: the breakdown

My entire life fell apart after getting increasingly ill over the course of 7 months in 2015. I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease.

Little did I know at the time, it would take me 4 and a half years to regain my health after that diagnosis - but the transformative power of those 4 and a half years is why I am the woman that I am today. It’s why I have the business that I have today. It’s why I have the love that I have today. I owe everything that I have right now to that version of me who kept going, day after day, even when she was tired, weary, broken down, and wanted to give up. No matter what, she kept going. She marched on. She took her healing into her own hands, and for that, I am forever grateful.

Ultimately, I saved my own life.

But at 22, I was still deep in the darkness - because that's where I had to go in order to rise from the ashes and be reborn.

CHAPTER 2: the initiation

At 24, I was 2 years deep into chronic Lyme disease - and I still wasn't better. I was still in massive amounts of physical and emotional pain. But even when everything in my reality contradicted this...I knew in my BONES that I would get better one day. That one day, I would be free again. Healthy again. Radiant again. That one day, I’d be more than okay - I’d be extraordinary.

My intuition told me that the beautiful hell I was going through was necessary to put me on the right path of doing what I was born to do with my career. I didn’t know the details of my "big vision" at the time - I just knew that what I was going through was for a reason, and that somehow, I would make it out of this. That I would make ART out of this. That I would make the entire world a better place out of this.

At some point during that second year, I had a breakthrough. The treatments that I was doing under my doctor's orders weren't working, so, I followed my intuition and made bold, radical changes.

I BROKE THE RULES, bet on myself and my body’s ability to heal itself, and in that leap of faith, set myself free. I became my own healer.

It was then that I dove deep into emotional, spiritual, and somatic healing - and it was then that I stepped into and fully owned my spiritual gifts and my power as a woman.

That year, I met Violet - my alter ego. My deep, dark, and holy feminine. The most powerful version of me. Embodying Violet allowed me to burn everything to the ground that was not truly ME so that all I was left with in the end was TRUTH. Violet cracked me open to the realization that even if I was sick for the rest of my life (which I knew that I wouldn’t be) - I had the freedom, courage, and power to make my life a MASTERPIECE...

To alchemize my pain into purpose, power, and passion - to use my story and my wisdom to help other people...

To create a business rooted in my unique gifts that sets my soul on fire and heals the world by way of my own meet my soulmate, fall in love, and have otherworldly make great art, to explore, to live an epic, FULLY ALIVE life that I was proud of.

I realized that living that kind of life was a choice that was available to me, no matter what was going on with my physical body.


At that point, I decided not to wait anymore - to NEVER AGAIN put my life on hold or tell myself that I wasn't ready to live the full, rich, colorful life I was born to live. I was no longer interested in "healing" - I was only interested in truly LIVING.

CHAPTER 3: the beginning

After that breakthrough, I started documenting my journey of liberation and healing through blogging (my blog was called "Holistically Megan" - throwback!).

I started sharing my poetry (I was a poet and a writer and an artist before I was ever a coach). I alchemized every piece of lead inside of me into GOLD for both myself and the collective. My writing deeply moved people and my words became medicine for others.

I was hired to write for a variety of publications on spirituality and wellness. I began my career as a freelancer.

I then had my sexual awakening after being celibate since being diagnosed with Lyme and expanded into freelance erotica writing (yes, you read that correctly - and it was a BLAST).

When I started to get my health back that year, I could no longer ignore that I wanted to help other people heal and transform and rise, too.

I felt the soul-deep call to start my own coaching business, so I did.

I studied and trained to become a Holistic Wellness Coach and got certified as a coach, as a Breathwork Facilitator, and as a Somatic Therapist.

I started my coaching business as Megan C. Hatfield LLC without any real idea of what it would eventually turn into -

I just knew that I was on the right path.

I started to coach both adults and teens, teaching women natural ways to heal and feel radically empowered in their bodies...

And that was only the beginning.

CHAPTER 4: the healing, the love + going "all in"

At 26, a series of events happened that set me on the expansive path that I’m on right now.

I had a life-changing spiritual experience that I now realize was my Kundalini awakening...

I reached a state of remission from Lyme (I've been in remission ever since)...

And after writing a letter to the universe, explaining exactly what I was looking for in a partner...

I met my soulmate and husband, Charlie.

At 27, my book, “Strange and Unusual Creatures” was published. “Strange and Unusual Creatures” documents my entire emotional and spiritual journey of healing from Lyme and chronic illness through a collection of my most personal poems and journal entries. It’s one of my best works of art to date.

It wasn’t until after getting my book published that I went ALL IN on my coaching business.

At that point, I was a Healing + Empowerment Coach...

And it was no longer just a hobby or a part-time gig for me.

It became clear to me that this is my LIFE'S WORK.

That this is my purpose.

I dipped into my savings to make a risky AF multiple 5 figure investment IN FULL for my first-ever business coach and never looked back.

CHAPTER 5: the evolution of my business + the birth of her alchemy

After growing my business as a Healing + Empowerment Coach through breaking the rules...

Practicing feminine leadership...

Mastering the art of transformational mentorship with my clients, energetics + embodiment for the woman BEHIND the business, brand storytelling, artful self-expression on social media...

And leading my business with the wisdom of my BODY + SOUL every step along the way...

I stepped into the role of a Business + Leadership Mentor for my clients.

I started speaking on and teaching DEEP feminine leadership and the intricacies of how to lead a wisdom-based, body-guided, soul-led business that is both wildly successful AND feels wildly good to lead.

My coaching then expanded into not just business and leadership mentorship, but also coaching my clients on their RELATIONSHIPS - on love, on intimacy, and on sexuality -

With phenomenal, beautiful, amazing results.

It wasn’t until the birth of my brand, Her Alchemy, that I truly owned my multidimensionality as a mentor.

Yes, I am a feminine leader, but I am also a healer (somatic, energetic, spiritual, and emotional). Yes, I am a Business + Leadership Mentor, but I am also a LOVE Mentor. Yes, I am a rebellious entrepreneur, but I am also a soul-on-fire artist. Yes, I can help you quantum leap, but I can also teach you how to reinvent yourself, piece by piece - how to heal the blocks and patterns that have thus far kept you from fully expanding into the fully expressed, legendary woman you were BORN to be.

I’m here to help you alchemize your story, gifts, and wisdom into a business that you’re in love with AND to help you create and live a life that you’re excited to wake up to every morning.

CHAPTER 6: the heartbeat of her alchemy

I never found my place in the world before Her Alchemy - I always felt like an outsider.

A black sheep.

But now, I’ve found my place. My purpose. My people.

I didn’t fit into the culture, so I created my own. I didn’t fit into any existing narrative, so I wrote my own. I didn’t see a path for the career that I wanted for myself, so I paved my own -

And it all started with what I went through. My STORY. My WISDOM. Following the pull of my DESIRES, and the heartbeat of what my SOUL came here for.

I’m not just here to be a coach. I’m here to be a MENTOR - to teach other women how to create what I’ve embodied, learned, created, and mastered. I'm here to be a mentor for other freaks like me -

The phoenixes who have risen from the ashes more than once -

The artists and the rebels -

To help THOSE WOMEN create a beautiful, wildly successful, soul-led business rooted in their story AND to help them create a life that they are head over heels in LOVE with.

I’m here to give the mystics and the misfits the tools and skills necessary to build the soul-on-fire business AND create the soul-on-fire life…to help them make their own platform to spread their magic and call in their people, their soul tribe, their soul-aligned clients…to usher them into their boldest, deepest, and wildest leadership AND to help them call in and cultivate an EPIC love…to be a mentor to the brave ones, the weird ones, the strange and unusual creatures - women with hearts of gold and souls on a mission to change the world - to live a life and lead a business that is a true WORK OF ART in every sense of the word.

That’s the heartbeat of Her Alchemy.

Her Alchemy is a leadership and lifestyle brand for the rebel entrepreneurs, the deep feelers, the poets, the mystics, and the misfits -

The unique, rule-breaking, multidimensional women who have risen from the ashes more than once, have been initiated into their deepest purpose, and know that they are DESTINED for the extraordinary -

In life, in love, in business, and beyond.



Her Alchemy is a spiritual lifestyle and leadership brand for the feminine leaders, rebel entrepreneurs, mystics, and misfits - the soul-led coaches, creatives, and visionaries - who know that they were born to lead not only an epic business, but a MOVEMENT rooted in their STORY, their WISDOM, and their GIFTS.

Her Alchemy is for the woman who has always known that what is widely accepted and expected in today’s society is not meant for HER - she knows that she is meant for something truer, deeper, greater - in business and in love.

She has already learned to trust herself, to make wild moves in pursuit of living the unique, extraordinary, fully expressed and alive life that she knows she’s meant for, and to always follow SOUL when she takes those leaps because life is too short not to.

And that is exactly what led her to the path of soul-led entrepreneurship…

And then, she meets me. She meets her mentor. That’s the start of the journey of the Her Alchemy woman, and that’s only the beginning.

Her Alchemy is for the woman going after a rich, aligned, beautiful life that is a living, breathing work of art…

And a business that is a masterpiece, too.

To alchemize everything she’s been through, learned, and embodied - every spec of magic that she’s made of - into a life and a business that sets her soul on fire, leaves a mark, and elevates the world.

Her Alchemy is for the black sheep who don’t fit into the culture, so they create their own culture.

Her Alchemy is for the woman who feels it all AND wants it all - the soul-led business and the soulmate love. A life and a brand that looks and feels like art. The soul-deep impact and the soul-aligned wealth.

She's here for the whole damn journey - the breakdowns and the breakthroughs - so that she can alchemize ALL OF IT into GOLD.

She isn’t here to follow anyone else’s rules.

She is a leader. A trailblazer. A true artist. A rebel unicorn. (Pssst - can you tell that I'm in LOVE with the women that I work with?)




I never wanted to join a mastermind or hire a business coach until I met Megan.

There is something about her energy that is simply magnetic - undeniable depth, electrifying mystery, contagious aliveness, and confident businesswoman vibe, all rolled into one multidimensional miracle of a mentor. I feel truly seen and supported in my unique quirky non-linear vision. I don't think I have ever had a coach who got the essence of what I am building in my business on such a deep level, and it is precious. Megan has a gift of seeing people deeply and meeting them where they are at - her heart, her brilliant mind and her presence held me through a massive expansion and uplevel chapter in my business and life. I am so deeply grateful.


I received my money’s worth on day ONE with Megan - the rest was just bonus magic.

Megan is an absolute DREAM to work with. I’ve never felt so seen and so accepted before in my life. She offers a perfect blend of brilliant and intuitive business guidance, high-touch emotional and whole person support, and the powerful, juicy invocation of YOUR own innate feminine power. She will call you forward into your truest self and fiercely love every part of you along the way. I just love being held by her, and the women Megan attracts into her space are incredible.


Over the past 6 months working with Megan, I was able to earn the most money I've ever made in my only 3 months!

HUGE quantum leap for me.


Capricorn Sun, Libra Moon, Scorpio Rising.


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Hey, babe - I’m Megan. I'm a Women's Coach + Mentor for spiritual business owners and rebellious entrepreneurs, the author of "Strange and Unusual Creatures", and the founder of my coaching and mentorship business, Her Alchemy.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣I help powerful women with giant desires create the business, life, and love that they want through high-touch 1:1 mentorship, group coaching programs, and transformational events and workshops.⁣⁣