The 2-Week Self-Reinvention + Pattern Interruption Program for Ambitious Soul-Led Entrepreneurs + Wild Hearts

To ask you to massively uplevel your IDENTITY in order to rise into her and align with the bigness of your vision.

It's time for you to take big, brilliant actions to become that woman -

The woman you have always known you have the potential to be.

It’s time for you to leave your old patterns and self-perceived limits at the door and dive headfirst into the pool of the limitless -

Into the pool of the QUANTUM, where the self-reinventions and identity transformations of the most legendary women in the world take place.

It's time for you to boldly invest in yourself with the potent inner work, the subconscious rewiring and belief rewriting, the embodiment, the nervous system recalibration, and the massive action that is required of you in order to reinvent yourself...

To step into and become the woman with the business, brand, beliefs, reputation, relationships, confidence, and LIFE that you so deeply want and know you’re destined for.

I’m here to call you forward into your most powerful self and crack your heart open to what’s possible for you when you BECOME HER.

A rockstar coach, creative, business owner…

Driven by ambition, vision, desire, and a soul-led mission.

You’re one of the wild ones with a burning desire for MORE -

For a BIGGER and RICHER life and business…

The kind of life and business that breaks all kinds of rules and sets records…

That shifts all kinds of paradigms and blazes new trails.

You’re here for the extraordinary and nothing less -

And I’m here to grab your hand and take you there, babe.


Welcome to A NEW ERA, the 2-Week Self-Reinvention + Pattern Interruption Program for ambitious soul-led entrepreneurs and wild hearts with MASSIVE dreams.

"I received my money’s worth on day ONE with Megan - the rest was just bonus magic."

"Megan is an absolute DREAM to work with. I’ve never felt so seen and so accepted before in my life. She offers a perfect blend of brilliant and intuitive business guidance, high-touch emotional and whole person support, and the powerful, juicy invocation of YOUR own innate feminine power. She will call you forward into your truest self and fiercely love every part of you along the way. I just love being held by her, and the women Megan attracts into her space are incredible."


"I never wanted to join a mastermind or hire a business coach until I met Megan."

"There is something about her energy that is simply magnetic - undeniable depth, electrifying mystery, contagious aliveness, and confident businesswoman vibe, all rolled into one multidimensional miracle of a mentor. I feel truly seen and supported in my unique quirky non-linear vision. I don't think I have ever had a coach who got the essence of what I am building in my business on such a deep level, and it is precious. Megan has a gift of seeing people deeply and meeting them where they are at - her heart, her brilliant mind and her presence held me through a massive expansion and uplevel chapter in my business and life. I am so deeply grateful."


"Over the past 6 months working with Megan, I was able to earn the most money I've ever made in my biz..."

"...in only 3 months! HUGE quantum leap."


"Megan is the best coach ever."

"She empowered and guided us with such grace - I loved the raw and beautiful space she held for us to be so authentic and open. She made such an easy and flowing connection with all of us and was always there to remind us of how powerful we truly are.”


client love client love client love client love client love

So, why haven’t you made those changes yet?

The answer to that lies in two words, babe:


To do something you've never done before, you must become someone you've never been…

And to become someone you’ve never been, you have to go through a powerful period of IDENTITY WORK, PATTERN INTERRUPTION, and SELF-REINVENTION.

THAT is what I know to be true -

And THAT is the exact transformation that awaits you inside of A New Era.

Inside of A New Era, you’ll do the work that causes quantum leaps and collapses time.

This is what is going to take you into YOUR NEW ERA.

I know that sometimes, it feels easier to wait, to hide, to make excuses, to stay small...

Even though you know deep down that a) this path of soul-led entrepreneurship is not going to let you do any of the above if you want to be outrageously successful, and b) you have the power within you to make the lifestyle, professional, and personal changes to go as big as your soul wants to go in your business.

I know you have sky-high dreams for your life and business, and I know that you’re frustrated that they haven't become a reality - YET.

I know that there’s a gap between who you are now and who you want to be and that you have a million and one stories to explain why that is.



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You've done the visualizations, taken the courses, said the affirmations, done the manifestation practices…

But when things actually start to change and you have a win, self-sabotage and old behaviors start to creep back in -

Which is exactly what happens when you want to revolutionize your life and business but you haven’t yet revolutionized your identity.

Babe, every massive positive change I’ve ever experienced in my life and every giant uplevel that I’ve ever led any one of my clients through has begun with a massive IDENTITY SHIFT.

It all begins with IDENTITY.

You're not alone, babe.

Because I was there, too -

Trying to step into a bigger “CEO” identity and expand my business…

But feeling like I kept taking two steps forward, one step back.

I felt like a racecar parked in the middle of the freeway with my emergency brake on.

My soul wanted to go BIG but something in me was keeping me SMALL.

I felt limited by circumstances that I perceived as outside of my control.

All of that changed (hi, I’m a ride-or-die motherf*cking CEO of a wildly successful soul-led business that I’m obsessed with now) and my business went through its biggest growth spurt ever when I learned the power of working with not just the body, mind, and spirit - but also the IDENTITY.

Since then, my biggest leaps - one after another - in life, love, business, and beyond - happened after deep identity work and a step-by-step self-reinvention process so potent that I now intuitively take my clients through when they are ready to make big leaps, too.

I know how it feels to not act or feel in alignment with the woman you know you have the potential to be...

To not have your outer world align with the life that you want and know that you’re capable of building one day...

It hurts to stay stuck when the most powerful version of you is ready for so much more.

It hurts to feel limited and stay small when your soul is limitless and came here to go so much bigger.


This is what I need!

As the Queen of Transformation herself, let me tell you, love -

NOTHING changes until your identity changes...

And when your identity changes, EVERYTHING changes.

You don't have to be who you have always been, my love.

In fact, you shouldn’t be. Everything in nature grows and evolves. If it doesn’t, it dies.

You deserve to invest in your growth, in your identity work - because THAT’S what’s actually going to move the needle for you in the direction that you want, babe.

In fact, growing your business and quantum leaping without doing this identity work FIRST is a formula for a house of cards situation.

The self-reinvention and identity work you’ll do in A New Era will make you truly UNSHAKEABLE, like the oldest, strongest, and richest Redwood tree you’ve ever seen…

As tall as ever, abundantly reaching its sturdy branches far and wide, and rooted deeply.

My love - you deserve to feel unshakeable in your expansion, to evolve, to GROW -

To surprise yourself with the greatness you're capable of when you invest in BECOMING the next-level woman you’re destined to be.

You have a brand new vibe, a new style, new thoughts, new tools, new ways of moving and speaking and feeling and being in the world…

And new beliefs that take you to wherever you want to go.

You are no longer limited - you are limitless, and you know it.

You’ve never felt more powerful, capable, or confident.

You became the woman you were always meant to be -

The bravest, boldest, richest, most powerful, and most expressed version of you.

Your vision board is now your IRL reality.

You’re not just trying to act like your next-level self - you literally ARE your next-level self -

And your business reflects that.

Your business quantum leaped and upleveled because YOU quantum leaped and upleveled.

Every aspect of your life has upgraded because you upgraded your inner and outer environment with who you know yourself to be.


As a transformational mentor who specializes in entrepreneurship, leadership, and love, I've guided nearly 100 powerful women through some of the most impactful transformations of their lives -

In their businesses, in their relationships, in their energies, and in their IDENTITIES.

In my own life, I've experienced countless reinventions and identity shifts -

Maybe it’s the Scorpio Rising in me or maybe it’s Pluto being in my 1st House, but I LOVE me a good rebirth.

Just in the last 5 years, I’ve gone from:

Dreamer → Soul-On-Fire Creatrix

Writer → Published Author

Chronically Ill → Chronically Sexy + Thriving

Freelancer → Soul-Led Entrepreneur

Coach → Mentor

Black Sheep → Leader

Girlfriend → Wife

Business Owner → CEO

Wallflower → Queen of F*cking Everything

6-Figure Business Owner → F*ck It, I’m Going Even Bigger (Sexy Identity Shift Currently in Process)

I've mastered the art of transformation and reinvention.

I healed myself from an incurable illness and rose from the ashes of my old life into my wildest, truest, most expressed, most extraordinary life yet…

I alchemized every piece of my inner lead into absolute gold for both myself and the collective…

And I turned my story of pain to purpose, power, and passion into a 6-figure soul-led business where I get to work with powerhouse women across the globe and female entrepreneurs that inspire me on the daily.

All of this and more was built upon identity work and reinventing myself, again and again.

This is the work that I was born to do.

I’m a coach, mentor, and guide for powerful women who are here for EXTRAORDINARY things, just like you -

And now, I'm psyched to invite you to experience one of the most important identity shifts and quantum leaps of your life inside of A New Era.

In A New Era, I’ll personally guide you through my step-by-step identity work and self-reinvention process specifically designed for you to get crystal clear on who you’re becoming and where you’re going, awaken and unlock your personal power so that you can create some big and exciting changes in your life, do the inner work to disrupt the patterns of self-sabotage, fear, and doubt that have held you back, revolutionize your life and uplevel your business to align with the New Self, shatter your glass ceilings, and become the woman you were born to be.

Babe, you’re about to leap into your Future Self...

Your next-level self…

Into your NEW ERA.

Hey, love.

I’m Megan - Leadership, Business, and Intimacy Mentor for spiritual business owners and rebellious entrepreneurs, the author of "Strange and Unusual Creatures" and the founder of my coaching and mentorship business, Her Alchemy.⁣⁣
⁣⁣I help powerful women with giant desires create the business and the love that they want through high-touch 1:1 mentorship, group coaching programs, and transformational events and workshops.⁣⁣
My expertise is in feminine leadership, transformation, alchemy, online business, energetics, embodiment, and helping women cultivate wildly fulfilling soul-deep relationships.⁣⁣
Before Her Alchemy, I was a freelance writer in the areas of spirituality and sexuality and a Holistic Wellness Coach specializing in breathwork, meditation, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).⁣⁣

I received my training and certification in coaching through IIN in 2018, my training and certification in breathwork facilitation through Revelation Breathwork in 2019, and my training and certification in guided embodiment and somatic work through The Embody Lab in 2021.⁣⁣
“Strange and Unusual Creatures” is my book about the journey I went on to heal from years of chronic illness. It’s a raw, honest, and inspiring account of love, hope, healing, rebirth, and liberation.⁣⁣
In my coaching and mentorship business, I go deep with my clients so that they can rise high - in life, in business, and in love.