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The Her Alchemy 1:1 Mentorship Experience: For the Revolutionary, Ambitious, Rebel-Hearted Woman in Business


If you’re a woman entrepreneur, business owner, coach, creative, or healer with a profound personal story, gems of potent wisdom in your back pocket, a mission so big that it makes others raise an eyebrow or two, and extraordinary ambition to rise even higher, I’m the business and leadership coach for you, babe.

I’m here to help you rise AND deepen - deepen your feminine leadership so that you can lead a revolutionary business that not only heals the world but also sets your SOUL on fire, and RISE even higher into your next level as the embodied, legendary, soul-led CEO, empowered woman and leader that you came here to be.

1:1 Mentorship

A soul-deep connection to the work that you’re doing in the world.

A business that is a direct reflection of your soul’s highest purpose.

A magnetic brand that evolves with you and attracts your next-level soulmate clients to you.

A unique presence that is so potent it turns heads and opens hearts wherever you go.

A style of feminine leadership that allows you to lead powerfully from the heart and grow your business with depth, alignment, and vitality while also taking sweet care of your body and energy.

A message so compelling and authentic that it commands a revolution in between each breath.

Offers born from the depths of your most potent and valuable wisdom that result in wild abundance and soul-deep fulfillment.

Career wins that feel like sex.

Offers that you believe in so much, you’d get on your knees for them…

Deep down, you know that you were made to taste what you’ve always been hungry for....

You desire this because you are meant for revolutionary feminine leadership THAT LEAVES A LEGACY and to lead a business that sets your soul on fire, BABE.

For her substance.

For her wisdom.

For her potency.

For her courage.

My zone of genius is helping rebel-hearted business owners and leaders like you alchemize your wisdom and magic into a business and life that truly nourishes, inspires, and enlivens you -

We’ll refine, elevate and transform your inner world so that you can embody your deepest and most powerful feminine leadership in your business,

We’ll rebirth your branding and create new, next-level offers that are in alignment with the unique genius of your soul,

We’ll master your next level of energetics and embodiment so that you can lead with depth, soul, and vitality and magnetize your next-level soulmate clients,

We’ll plug you into the heartbeat of your truest and biggest mission so that rising even higher and leaving a legacy with your own unique genius is INEVITABLE,

⁣We’ll dive into the embodiment, somatics, and inner work that is needed in order to grow your empire and expand your identity with a healthy, regulated nervous system,

And we'll make your evolution and expansion feel like art - working privately with me is about true womanhood and leadership ARTISTRY.

And I’m the mentor who will take you there.

We’ll do this through embodiment.⁣⁣

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Through somatic practices.⁣

Through breathwork.⁣

Through shadow exploration.

Through identity work.

Through my high-touch, intuitive, transformational coaching that gets even more and more magical with each and every month we spend together.

We’ll bust through your blocks and alchemize your fears.

I'll powerfully guide you from the woman you thought you had to be into the woman you truly are and the feminine leader you were born to be.

I’ll help you take the steps in your business to get from point A to your desired point B, obvi (I love the way that I run my business and I'll teach you everything you need to know) - but we’ll also go WAY beyond that.⁣

Mentorship with me is DEEP soul work.

Your life will transform just as much as your business transforms.

We’ll go into the balancing of your masculine and feminine energy.

Burning away old thought patterns.

Expanding your belief of what’s possible for you and your business as you see the evidence unfold in real-time of how goddamn GOOD it gets to be as a soul-led business owner and how JUICY leadership gets to feel.

We’ll dive into what you’re EMBODYING -⁣

The energy in which you lead and how you lead yourself.⁣⁣

Here’s my approach in my high-level coaching containers:

- I work with private clients on a 3-month or 6-month 1:1 mentorship journey that will forever change the trajectory of your life and business.

- I'll be your depth doula, leadership muse, and business artist. Together, we'll make magic.

- I value depth, love, self-leadership, and authenticity - and I will call these attributes forward in you.

- I’ll be your coach, your mentor, your soul sister, and guide.

- I’ll lovingly bring awareness to your blind spots and to where you’re not showing up in your fullest power.

- I’ll always see you in your highest and hold that vision for you while also helping you create your own unique map to get there.

- I go deep with my clients so that they can rise high - I utilize a wide array of tools in my practice including somatic work, embodiment, energetics, Emotional Freedom Technique, and breathwork along with my unique style of high-touch, intuitive, transformational coaching and mentorship.

- I’ll hold you in your deepening and I’ll celebrate you in your rising.

- I’ll help you get to where you want to be - to where you are MEANT to be - in your business and in your life.

Her Alchemy Mentorship Level 1:

I help visionary women define their mission, step into their most powerful voice and presence, and birth their brand so that they can alchemize their wisdom into an online business that sets their soul on fire and heals the world.

I have 2 levels of mentorship available

Her Alchemy Mentorship Level 2:

I help established, soul-led business owners and leaders master their next level of energetics and embodiment, create new and aligned offerings, deepen their feminine leadership, and alchemize shadows into superpowers so that they can grow and expand their empire with a regulated nervous system and lead their business with depth, soul, and vitality.